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Emily Scarratt Blog: How To Handle Pressure

There is always pressure in rugby, whatever level you play at because, in team sports, people are always reliant on you doing your job to help them out.

That need to support your team mates, coupled with wanting to win builds pressure. And there’s external pressure too of wanting to do well for your club, family or supporters who may be watching the game.

It can all build up so it is important that you get on top of it or else it can affect your game in a detrimental way.

Here are a few tips I have learned over the years through trial and error.


Emily Scarratt blogs on how to deal with pressure

Emily Scarratt blogs on how to deal with pressure


1) Stick to the methods and processes that you have done in training. You know all about them. You will have a plan, so use it.

2) Remember that the things you are going out on to the field to do, you have probably done hundreds of times before. You are probably not going to do anything completely unique or alien to you – so you will have the skills in your locker to do what is needed of you. You have practised these things many times before. You know what to do.

3) Remember that it is just a game of rugby you are playing and the chances are that you are already pretty good at it. So enjoy yourself and have some fun.

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