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Sam Vesty Blog: How to get the best from your re-starts

Sam talking


If there is one thing for sure in a game of rugby, there are likely to be plenty of re-starts – unless it’s one of those of those 3-0 affairs you read about in record books.

So it is important to treat re-starts as an important part of your game plan.

Don’t overlook them. This is a chance to impose yourself on the opposition and keep them pinned in their own half and under pressure.

But you have to do it right and everyone in your team has to be on the same page about what they are trying to achieve.

1) Never kick the ball onto a defensive pod as there will be three of their guys just waiting to catch it.

2) The chase is very important. The faster and further you can get up the field, the more pressure the opposition are put under.

3) If you get a line-out in their half, it is a good result.

4) Think about who should stay in your backfield. Some teams always kick it straight back to you, so you can load up your backfield with your best runners.

5) Try and isolate one player. A good kick and a good chase can lead to you getting the ball back if he is tackled well and turned over before support arrives.


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