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VIDEO: Emily Scarratt and her Olympic Team GB housemates at home

Catch up with PRC coach Emily Scarratt and her Team GB house mates on a special version of ‘Cribs’ – courtesy of England Rugby.

How do you imagine the household of four professional rugby players to look?

You can find out by looking at this short video which takes you around the house of four members of the Team GB Women’s Sevens squad that appeared at the Rio Olympics and finished fourth after a dramatic tournament.

“I came back from the gym one day and there were cookies cooking. It was amazing!” – Natasha Hunt

You can see who does the cooking and organises the household, who does the most sleeping and who stands in the garden staring at the family fish – all of which have names (of course).

Living with Emily as they prepared for the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil is Katy McLean, Natasha Hunt, and Kay Wilson..and ‘Chardonnay’ the fish.

Also find out why Emily’s cookie-cooking makes her so popular.

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