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Geordan Murphy | Leicester Tigers backs coach and former Ireland international

I have known George for 14 years and he is a very knowledgable rugby player and he is good with the lads in a team environment.

He understands the balance of being a good team mate and saying the right things at the right time.

As a player, George was mobile, strong and skillful. He has a good pedigree at the top of the game with numerous trophies and he knows what it takes to win and succeed at what he does.

He also knows the reasons why certain moves and playing styles have been a success and he will no doubt use that as background knowledge when applying his insight to Pro Rugby Coach.

Richard Cockerill | Leicester Tigers director of rugby

George was the first person in the English game to reach 250 Premiership appearances and people tend to forget how good a player he was.

Having only just retired after a 18-year career, he wants to get involved in coaching and pass on some of his vast knowledge of the game.

Along with that, he has a personality that means he is ideally suited to getting over details in a fun and informative manner. He should be a fantastic coach.

Dan Cole | Leicester Tigers, England and British Lions prop

With George Chuter, the facts speak for themselves – 292 games for Leicester, 92 for Saracens, 24 international games for England, first man to appear in 250 Premiership games, 9 Premiership finals, 4th oldest man to ever appear in the Premiership to name a few.

Players at Leicester who have been around Chutes for any length of time have seen the work he puts for the team. They have also seen the effort he puts in to mastering his personal craft, day in, day out for countless seasons.

You cannot help but be inspired by this man and find his ethos infectious.

The immeasurable qualities he possesses like commitment, intelligence and the desire to learn and teach, are the real reasons Chutes has achieved all he has.

He has worked with younger players at the club, and has shown the ability to pass on information in a way that makes me positive he will make the transition into coaching very well.

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