This game is an extension of a warm-up and brilliant way of pitting attacker against defender.

There is a natural competition element to it all which the players will love too.

As an attacker, it is important to go and meet the ball early and attack the space on either side of the defender – who has started the drill by passing them the ball.

Meeting the ball quickly, while there is still space between the attacker and the defender, will make it harder for the defender to cover the ground.

As a defender in this game, close down the space early on. Then, when you get near the attacker, shorten your stride so that you can move off either leg to go the way of the ball carrier.

Encourage your ball carriers to actually score the tries, while getting defenders to make a two-handed touches will get them into good habits.

In a nutshell, be decisive and make it harder for the defender to get you. Make your mind up which way you are going to go and back yourself to succeed.

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