Forward Pass Touch is a fast and fun-filled game that can be used for rugby conditioning to improve players fitness levels. For this reason, it is particularly good in pre-season.

But the game is a whole lot more than that. It really tests players’ ability to think outside of the box and act on a new set of rules that are alien to the normal game – i.e. two players can be offside all of the time and the ball can be thrown forward ‘American Football’ style.

Everything involved in the game, encourages your players to make the right decision and is a great introduction to an attacking game where players begin to realise where space may be in the opposition’s backfield.

Two attackers are allowed offside at any time and normal ‘touch rugby’ rules apply – you get touched by a defender, you have to stop and play the ball from the floor.

The game moves from a regular two-dimensional one to a three-dimensional one, as ‘offside’ players have to be picked up in the backfield.

As with all rugby, communication between attackers and defenders is crucial to the end result.

This is also a fantastic game for improving your line-break attack as it encourages players to flood an area where a line break has been made. But they can spot that gap early enough?

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