The standard formation is a good place to start when learning the ropes of line-out systems. This is the formation that has been around for as long as line-outs have existed. It looks like this:

1 4 3 5 6 8 7

The front three form a ‘pod’ with the props (Nos. 1 & 3) lifting the No.4 lock.

There are also pods within the line-out numbered 3 5 6, 5 6 8, and 6 8 7. This is a pretty versatile formation, allowing for the traditionally better jumpers to be near, or at the back, so providing good ball to attack with.

Also, the close proximity of the bigger blokes (props and second rows) to each other means that setting up a strong base to drive off is easier to do.

However, this formation has gone a little out of fashion, with teams preferring other formations.

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