T Passing

T Passing is a great drill to have in any coaches armoury.  Really useful for when you have a spare 5 mins, as a warm up prior to taking the field, to ind=crease the ‘sharpness’ of a specific player or as a skill drill to focus on hand eye coordination and peripheral vision.

It puts a players hand eye coordination under pressure by increasing the speed with which the player has to do a simple catch and pass but as the balls are coming from two planes – East/west and north south – the player has to use the periphery of their vision.

The beauty of this drill is in it simplicity.  As long as you have 2 balls and 4 players you can do it anywhere and the drill can be tailored to your time constraints.  I like to put a player ‘under the pump’ for a minute and then swap it over.

REMEMBER – if you aren’t making mistakes you aren’t getting better.

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