The Yo-Yo Game is perfect for working on attacking overlaps. With more attackers than defenders there is space to play with as long as you preserve it.

Here, Emily Scarratt takes you through the drill.

Running across the pitch and being flat are two things that both stifle attackers so encourage lots of depth and straight running lines. As a result, your players will rack up lots of tries.

This game can be used with under-11s, all the way up to senior level.  You just need to adapt the width of pitch and numbers to make it work for your group.

It is also a great game to use for conditioning. Challenging teams to score as many tries as possible in 30 seconds will be quite tiring – but make them work for three minutes or so and it will really have them blowing!

The team in the middle attack for the allotted time. They have an unlimited number of touches but when they score or make a mistake, they turn and their attackers work in the other direction.

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