Up-skill your players’ ability to offload with this great fun game called ‘Two-ball Offload’.

By using two balls, you are forcing your attackers to control the ball with one arm/hand – and the more control your players have, the better their offloading will be.

Here are the rules:

  • Each attacker has one ball and the coach adds another ball at the start of play.
  • The person carrying two balls is the ball carrier.
  • The defenders need to find the appropriate level of contact to help the game work. Too heavy and no offloads will occur, too light and the offloads will be easy
  • Encourage support lines from the other attackers (move towards the ball on an offload)

A coaching tip for this game is to encourage players to try offloads and experiment with what works for them. ┬áThis will lead to mistakes but it is only by making mistakes that players learn when they can execute the skill and, therefore, when they can’t.

You can adapt this game to make it work with the age and level that you are coaching at.

Using smaller balls and having fewer defenders will make the game easier.

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