Northampton Saints vs Ospreys - Heineken Cup Round 2The parts of the game where the big boys meet head-on is a seismic clash of brain and brawn.

This section looks at finding that extra one per cent in the super technical set-piece areas of the scrum and line-out where planning and execution go hand in hand.

George has been at the heart of that battle for Saracens, Leicester Tigers and England for almost two decades and he has seen laws change and techniques develop in both areas.

As a front-rower in the scrum and, having spent most of his time in a Tigers scrum that goes forward for a living, he has a wealth of knowledge on how to get your team on the front foot at the set-piece.

And as a hooker, he knows the ins and outs of what makes a good and successful line-out, the roles each person in it needs to play and what makes a good line-out leader.

It’s not as simple as just chucking it up and hoping your bloke grabs it. The line-out is a complicated arena where the forwards must show a sense of athleticism, a good memory and understanding and the ability to execute plans that have been put in place.

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