SamEleven-5_LWhether you are looking to make a big hit in defence, better your technique at the scrum or make the perfect kick to touch, this is the section where technical tips will take your game to the next level.

These are the techniques that will improve individuals’ games whether they play in the forwards or  the backs.

Having been a goal-kicking fly-half and full-back, there are few people better qualified than Sam to take you through the dos and don’ts of kicking a ball – whether that be for goal, for touch, or high into the sky.

Knowing how to make the right pass at the right time is also another key element of any players’ game.

The tackle area is a crucial part of any rugby fixture but there are many ways to bring down the opposition and the way you choose will influence the ensuing battle for the ball on the floor. This section will help you decide when to grab someone by the ankles – or when to go for the big hit.

And then there is the scrum. A battle of strength, technique and sheer willpower to get one up on the person opposite. There are some dark arts employed in the pack and the players who know those arts like to keep them in-house. George Chuter has been at the coalface of a professional scrum for 17 years. You’d expect him to know a trick or two wouldn’t you?

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